Monday, 31 October 2011

Sonic Generations PC Demo

Finally i have found this new Sonic Generations PC Demo. Now sonic generations will be out soon but pc gamers have still not got a demo. Now this demo is a beta test version that was given to game reviewers. Now in this demo you can atcually play most of the levels in there. But you got to remember that this demo has been leaked so it might not be on for long. make sure to tell all your mates all the sonic fans that you know about this demo as im sure they would like to play it aswell.

So if you want to get this demo now please just click on the link before it is gone. I hope that you will enjoy this demo as much as i have. I think that even for a beta test the graphics in the demo look great. Now the new Sonic Generations PC Demo has got some great gameplay you can think of this demo as a try before you buy. Seeing as sonic generations is going to cost you around $30 you might aswell try this demo and see if you actually like it before you buy it. But im sure that you will as it is amazing.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Xbox 360 Achievements Hack

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